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The abandoned Hotel Del Salto in Colombia. The legends about it are breathtaking

El Hotel del Salto is one of the most breathtaking places you can visit in your life. This hotel was built in 1928 on the edge of the Tequendama Falls, which are formed on the Bogotá River. The hotel was famous as a luxury resort that welcomed elite guests, but over time it lost its popularity due to pollution of the river and the resulting drying up of the waterfall, which provoked the hotel's further closure. In the 1990s, the hotel was closed and remained abandoned for a very long period of time.

illustration for the abandoned Hotel del Salto in Colombia

But despite the closure of the hotel and its subsequent decline, don't think that this place has lost its charm and appeal! On the contrary, the Hotel Del Salto has become a magnet for tourists and people seeking adventure and mysterious and enigmatic places around the world. Today, the hotel is surrounded by legends of ghosts, suicides and even Satanism. Some say that you can hear the screams of people jumping from the waterfall or see the shadow of the former owner of the hotel walking the corridors of the hotel. Others claim that black magic rituals and sacrifices take place here.

No one knows how true these stories are, but one thing is clear. Hotel Del Salto has an incredible and unique atmosphere. You can feel like you're in a horror film when you enter this old house full of dust, cobwebs and broken furniture. You can clearly see the remnants of the former luxury: fireplaces, chandeliers, frescoes on the ceilings. But at the same time, there are signs of vandalism: graffiti, broken windows, and piles of rubbish. If you look at the waterfall from the balcony, you involuntarily think about those who once lived here. What emotions did they experience when they were in this place? What thoughts did they have when they looked at this unique beauty that opens from the hotel to the valley and the waterfall itself?

Hotel Del Salto is a place of contrasts: beauty and horror, life and death, past and present. It is definitely recommended to visit if you like extreme and thrilling emotions. But be careful: this place can enchant you or scare you to death!

Now this place is marked on the map as: Tequendama Falls Museum, nowadays it houses the Casa Museo del Salto del Tequendama, a museum of biodiversity and culture of the Tequendama Falls. This museum was created after a complete restoration of the hotel, which cost $410 thousand.

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