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Carrier company Transmarine

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Carrier Transmarine is the largest transport company in Kyiv that specialises in irregular transportation and one of the largest in Ukraine. The company's fleet includes about 30 cars and passenger vehicles, as well as an extensive network of partners around the world. Thanks to the round-the-clock dispatch service, any customer's wishes are fulfilled promptly. Our own service station enables us to check the vehicles before each trip. Transmarine is a quality that has been tested by 1.5 million passengers.

Transmarine carrier fleet | Gallery

Transmarine's fleet includes about 20 buses. The gallery presents the main models of vehicles.

Terms and conditions

Carriage of pets: the company makes a decision on the carriage of passengers with pets at its sole discretion. In case of a positive decision, the passenger is obliged to issue a ticket for the animal, which provides a separate seat for it. A ticket for an animal is issued with a 20% discount. All necessary documents for the animal are required! Bus trips to and from Turkey: pets weighing up to 10 kg are allowed with all necessary documents. The cost of transportation is determined individually.

Amenities in buses: sockets/usb ports, air conditioning, toilet (not all buses).

Carriage of children: for children of any age, a ticket with a separate seat is required. Carriage of children in the arms is prohibited. Discounts for age groups do not apply.

Baggage: the price of a full adult ticket includes two luggage spaces for suitcases measuring 80*50*40 cm and weighing up to 40 kg. Bus trips to and from Turkey: the price of a full adult ticket includes one luggage piece for a suitcase measuring 65*35*40 cm and weighing up to 20 kg.

Parcel delivery: general terms and conditions of parcel delivery. Depending on the carrier, the prices and method of calculating the cost of parcel transportation may differ. Usually, the decision about parcels is made by bus drivers.

You can use the functionality on our website and buy a bus ticket online.

Useful links

Green Card insurance policy for a vehicle online!

Insurance for travelling abroad online (for tourist and work purposes).

Information and media files provided by Transmarine.


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