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Museum of interactive, illusory exhibits in Warsaw

There is an interesting and unusual place in Warsaw that will be quite interesting for children to visit. A trip to the World of Illusions museum can be a fascinating entertainment, learning and adventure for children and adults at the same time. The museum has more than 60 exhibits with optical illusions, paradoxes and phenomena that contradict the laws of physics.

Photo from the World of Illusions Museum in Warsaw

Visiting the museum, they promise to give you unforgettable feelings, amazing emotions and just have fun. At the same time, the museum owners say that after visiting the museum, you will expand your horizon of perception of reality, you will gain knowledge that will help you understand paradoxical physical phenomena that are a mystery to many people.

The museum itself is located on the Market Square of the Old Town. A museum of this kind can also be interesting for people who want to create a bunch of interesting photos that cannot be repeated anywhere else on the planet.

Popular and well-known objects of the museum of interactive, illusory exhibits:

  • Mirror Rooms — only your imagination separates you from entering a new dimension. Discover the new face of infinity and find out what else the Mirror Rooms have to offer.

  • Vortex Tunnel — jump into the crazy vortex tunnel and let yourself be carried away by the amazing experience. Please note: there is no gravity here!

  • The Matrix — the endless lights and mirrors can make you dizzy. Welcome to the Matrix!

  • A kaleidoscope — may not attract your attention from the outside, but all the magic happens inside.

  • Ames Room — it all depends on perspective. Look at the mess in Ames' room.

  • Chamber of Shadows — here you will discover the new face of your shadow. We're focusing on colour!

Visitors who have visited this museum are divided into two camps. Some say that the experience of spending time here is greatly overrated, and the place itself is also overrated. There are also people who are completely negative about this place and say that it is absolutely not worthy of attention. People refer to the unreasonably high ticket price and the small number of exhibits for the money, comparing it to the Copernicus Science Centre, where the ticket price is lower and there are many more impressions, emotions and exhibits.

Of course, at the same time, there are people who are absolutely happy with their visit to this museum. They say that they came to the right place and had a great time, experiencing incredible emotions. People also note the friendly staff who give tips and help during the passage of the exhibit in order to get the maximum effect and impression from its passage. These people definitely recommend this place and say that they will come back here themselves.

Information on how to purchase tickets, their cost, opening hours and dates available for booking is available on, so if you have an irresistible desire to visit this place, it can be organised without difficulty.

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