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Music evenings dedicated to Frédéric Chopin in Warsaw's Old Town

Updated: Jan 21

Do you want to get an interesting experience? We have a solution for you that can fulfil your aspirations. In the old town of Warsaw, Poland, there are musical evenings where talented pianists from all over the world perform well-known and lesser-known works by the famous French-born composer and pianist Frédéric François Chopin.

a piano and a portrait of Frédéric Chopin

The organisers of this cultural event are holding it in the 60-seat Concert Hall, which is located in the former Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The interior of the hall is designed in Gothic style and is an ideal place for musical events of this kind.


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This evening event features only Chopin's music. The performers try to convey to the audience not only the widely known works of the composer, but also to introduce them to other equally unique and beautiful compositions created by Chopin.

In total, the whole performance lasts just over one hour, and an intermission is also included. During this break, the audience is treated to free cold-pressed apple juice and mead (a low-alcohol drink made with bee honey).

After the musical performance, guests are given the opportunity to explore the venue and visit a very nice terrace with a garden and views of the Vistula River. The organisers of the music event also inform that a monthly exhibition of Polish photography takes place nearby.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to purchase CDs of the performers if you really liked the performance of one of them and would like to get to know their work better.

In general, these Chopin evenings in Warsaw's old town leave visitors very satisfied with this one hour of their lives, apart from minor comments about the comfort of the seats and the visibility of the performer on stage. The performance and the general atmosphere leave a fascinating impression on people, and they enjoy every moment. The pianists demonstrate great professionalism, and the time flies by.

That's why we recommend this musical event to you with full confidence! For more information on how to get to the concert and when it takes place, please visit

Be sure to leave your thoughts, opinions and impressions in the comments below. We and other visitors will be very interested to read and learn from your experience!

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