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Optymistychna Cave. More than 260 kilometres of incredible underground world at your feet

Have you ever heard of the Optymistychna Cave? It is the largest gypsum cave in the world, located in the Ternopil region on the outskirts of the village of Korolivka, Ukraine. This cave is more than 260 km long and up to 20 m deep. It was discovered in 1966 and has been attracting researchers, tourists and adventure enthusiasts ever since.

photo illustration to the Optymistychna Cave

Imagine a world that is right below you. A world where darkness is intertwined with crystalline reflections, where every step leads you deeper into the unknown. This world exists. It is waiting for you in the Optymistychna Cave.

A few dry facts:

  • The cave is a geological natural monument of national importance

  • It is a gypsum cave that entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in the world

  • The total mapped length of the routes is more than 267 km.

  • It covers an area of about two square kilometres, due to the number and winding of passages

  • It consists of 15 relatively isolated areas that differ from each other in the morphology of passages, colour and structure of gypsum, number of crystals, their size, shape, and shade

The Optymistychna Cave is a real natural wonder that delights with its beauty and diversity. The cave has many chambers, corridors, galleries, lakes, crystals and stalactites. Some of them have unusual names, such as "Monastery", "Butterfly", "Fairy Forest" or "Ocean". Each part of the cave has its own history and mystery.

The Optymistychna Cave is not only a place for scientific research, but also for entertainment and education. The cave hosts excursions, speleological trainings, photo shoots, concerts and even weddings. There is also a museum in the cave where you can see rare finds such as animal skeletons, coins, weapons and clothing.

Optymistychna Cave is a unique opportunity to feel like an explorer and discover a new world underground. It is also a great way to enjoy nature and positive emotions. If you are looking for an exciting adventure, you should definitely visit this place!

Media files provided by the official website of the Optymistychna Cave.

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