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ChatBTA — Booking bus, train or plane tickets

Who needs it?

We live in the era of IT technologies that are designed to simplify our lives and help us wherever possible or save us time by performing some routine tasks. And indeed, this is often the case. Today, everyone has a unique opportunity to use all the amenities that are available online. These are all kinds of services and goods. There is not a single business left that does not use IT technologies.

At the same time, it is often difficult for an ordinary person to deal with the incredibly multifaceted online world, the huge number of websites, services, online stores and various online platforms. All of them offer some kind of service, sell some kind of goods, and new ones appear every day. The average user faces a complex task with a lot of pitfalls. And a lot of questions arise: Which service should I choose? Where is the best price and won't the quality change if the price is lower? What are the reviews of this service provider? Can I trust these reviews? How can I check the information provided by the service or product provider? What is their work experience? And there are many more questions and difficulties that people have when they want to use a service or buy a product. Not to mention the fact that you need to take a number of other measures to avoid fraudsters, and they, in turn, are not standing still and are coming up with new ways to cheat.

Now imagine the information and analytical work that needs to be done and the time it takes to simply buy a bus ticket online, for example! This is in addition to the fact that you need to have certain technical skills. So it turns out that, on the one hand, online technologies make life easier because you don't have to go to the train station and stand in line for tickets, but on the other hand, they complicate it because of the many nuances involved. It is for these and many other reasons that we are not going to offer you another online service that is supposed to solve your problems in some area and thus help you.

Answering the question: "Who needs it?", we will answer as follows: "Anyone who values their time and doesn't want to create additional problems or unforeseen difficulties when travelling by bus, train or plane. It is necessary for everyone who wants to get all the necessary information quickly and not waste time searching and analysing it, as well as for those who want to quickly uncover all the pitfalls and make a single, correct decision. For those who want to get 100% pleasure from the journey!

What do we offer?

We offer you an extremely simple but very effective thing. The only place on the Internet where almost every person has got used to it and it is already quite a familiar and understandable environment where we all spend a lot of time, communicate with family, friends and acquaintances, congratulate them on holidays and birthdays and keep our fingers crossed for them in important moments of their lives, solve work issues and much more. Of course, these are familiar and understandable social networks and messengers. Most people can hardly imagine their lives without them. That's why we suggest that you make another friend who is an expert in bus, rail or air transport without leaving your usual environment.

What is it? It's just a chatbot in a messenger you're familiar with, whether it's Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. We called it ChatBTA. The name is in the style of the well-known ChatGPT artificial intelligence from OpenAI. Unlike it, our bot has no artificial intelligence on the other side, but rather ordinary human intelligence, i.e. ordinary people who are also experts in their field. As you can see, we are not offering you anything revolutionary, we are only offering expert assistance, which, as practice shows, is much more effective than all kinds of services and artificial intelligence. This is the situation as of today. It's possible that things may change in the future, but for now, no service or AI can replace a good expert in their field.

We offer you a kind of personal assistant in the field of passenger transport that is always at your fingertips in your smartphone and does not need to be paid a salary.

What you can do with ChatBTA

The main task that can be performed quickly and efficiently with ChatBTA is booking bus tickets for international bus trips, as well as interregional trips within Ukraine, the same applies to rail and air travel.

You just formulate a specific request in the chat, and the expert who receives your request gives you accurate, complete and detailed information according to the request, while disclosing all the details and nuances to avoid misunderstandings. Then, based on the information received, you make a decision, and the specialist performs all the technical part and delivers the finished result to you. That's it in a nutshell. If you want to know more, you can use ChatBTA:

  • book tickets for international and interregional bus trips with payment at the driver's desk and online payment

  • book tickets for international railway and interregional travel (online payment)

  • book airline tickets (online payment)

  • get professional advice on passenger transport

  • organise the transfer of the parcel

  • re-issue tickets for other dates due to changes in plans

  • to make an individual route according to an individual request, taking into account all the necessary points in order to avoid incidents during the trip

  • Get detailed information about a particular trip, which is usually difficult to find on your own or often impossible to find at all. For example: rating and reviews of a little-known or new carrier on the market, photos of the carrier's buses, terms and conditions of ticket refunds, conditions for transporting pets, conditions and amenities in buses, conditions for transporting children, conditions and amount of baggage, route of the trip, discounts and benefits, organised or unorganised transfers, if any, on the route, whether it is necessary to change the place of boarding during the transfer and what is the waiting time for the next flight, time of passing state border checkpoints, and much more.


So, what do we get in return? ChatBTA specialists will do all the information and analytical work for you and offer you a ready-made result that is perfectly tailored to your needs. All of this will not cost you any additional expenses. You pay only the ticket price specified by the carrier, we do not influence the prices set by the carrier and do not charge any additional fees from passengers for our work.


Remember. An expert is a person who has made all possible mistakes. Avoid your mistakes by entrusting the work to experts. Use the buttons below and at the top of this page to select the communication environment that is comfortable for you and get the most out of your trip!

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