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Buy compulsory motor third party liability insurance online

Motor third party liability

"Motor third party liability insurance" is a compulsory type of insurance in Ukraine for motor vehicles.

The Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of Owners of Motor Vehicles" regulates the conclusion of contracts for compulsory motor third party liability insurance and the sale of such insurance policies. In turn, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regulates the procedure for concluding such insurance policies, the amount of insurance amounts and the method of settlement. It also sets out special conditions for insurance companies to obtain a licence for this type of insurance.


The purpose of compulsory motor third party liability insurance is to compensate for damage to life and health caused as a result of a road traffic accident and to protect the property interests of the insured, i.e. the persons who hold the insurance policy. Such a document is an insurance contract. In the absence of an insurance policy on compulsory third-party liability insurance for a vehicle, sanctions in the form of a fine of UAH 425-850 are provided for.

Sum insured and limits of liability

The amount of insurance payment for damage to property is UAH 100,000.00, and for damage to life and health, the amount is UAH 200,000.00 per victim. According to the Europrotocol (a specialised form unified in the EU countries), the maximum amount of insurance payment is UAH 50,000.00.

To summarise, by taking out such a motor insurance policy, you protect yourself from quite significant financial expenses arising from a road traffic accident, which in turn occurred through your fault. If you have an insurance policy of compulsory motor third party liability insurance, the insurance company from which you purchased this type of insurance policy will bear the financial responsibility for damages to third parties who own the vehicle instead of you. If the road traffic accident was not caused by your fault, the insurance company whose compulsory third party liability insurance policy was purchased by the culprit of the road traffic accident will bear the financial responsibility.


As for the damage caused to your car through your fault, in this case, you will have to cover all the costs yourself from your own pocket. There is also an option to purchase a comprehensive motor insurance policy in addition to liability.

Which vehicles are covered by the compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy

The following vehicles are subject to compulsory motor third party liability insurance:

  • Cars

  • Trucks and lorries

  • Buses and coaches

  • Trailers

  • Motorcycles and scooters


Another very important information to remember is that this type of insurance can only be taken out on:

  • the vehicle is registered in Ukraine

  • the vehicle is imported into the customs territory of Ukraine for temporary operation and use and is registered in other countries.

The cost of car insurance in Ukraine

The majority of motorists want to buy a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy as cheaply as possible and at a discount. However, not everyone understands or asks themselves the question: "What does the price of a compulsory third-party liability insurance policy consist of?".

  1. Technical characteristics of the vehicle (engine size, carrying capacity, etc.)

  2. Place of registration of the vehicle (City where the service centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is located through which the car is registered)

  3. Validity of the agreement (From 6 months to 1 year, and for those who are not residents or holders of temporary transit number plates, there is a possibility of registration for 15 days and any number of months up to 1 year)

  4. Scope of use of the car (Personal or commercial purposes, for example, taxi)

  5. Availability of benefits

Before purchasing a compulsory third-party liability insurance policy online, we recommend that you correctly calculate the price of such a service in your particular case. Today, you can do this yourself online. To do this, click on the "Calculate the cost" button on this page and you will be taken to an online calculator that will help you do this. The second option is to entrust this matter to competent professionals.


Persons falling under the privileged categories must additionally provide documents confirming this when applying for an insurance policy of compulsory civil liability insurance. A preferential discount of 50% of the cost of the insurance policy is granted to the following categories of persons:

  • war veterans

  • disabled persons of the second group

  • group I and II victims of the Chernobyl disaster

  • pensioners

This preferential discount applies to vehicles with an engine capacity of no more than 2500 cm3. The owner of the car must be a person belonging to one of the above categories. Such a car must be driven exclusively by such a person.

Documents required to obtain compulsory civil liability insurance

  1. Internal passport or driving licence

  2. Vehicle registration certificate (technical passport)

  3. TIN (identification number)

Why should you use our services?

The ability to calculate the cost of a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy online. To do this, you only need to specify the engine size and place of registration on the website. You also have the option of choosing an insurance company on your own, depending on the cost or reliability of the company.


Immediately after registration, you can download an electronic insurance policy in pdf format. A paper version of the compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy can be obtained at any Nova Poshta branch throughout Ukraine.


According to the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of Owners of Land Vehicles", everyone who drives a vehicle - whether it is a car, truck, bus, motorcycle or even a trailer - is required to have a compulsory civil liability insurance policy, which is a document in pdf format (electronic policy) or a paper version on an A4 sheet of paper.


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